What clients say

“Elizabeth has a natural ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable to be able to explore the issue or challenge at hand. Her skills to reframe things, ask the right questions and make sense of lots of loose thoughts were extremely helpful. She is caring, encouraging and supportive which helped me believe more in myself and my goals"

"Prime for Life is a great program. Even with inpatient and years of AA, new perspectives were added." 

”Elizabeth is a soulful listener. She takes the time and energy to understand each situation and gives counsel for putting change into action. This action oriented approach is why she has helped so many people in my family with multiple needs, including myself. I will continue to be her biggest fan after seeing her meaningful influence in all these different areas such as: addiction, teen balance, divorce, parent and teen relationships, as well as finding low risk choices. She is a gift!"  

"Elizabeth does an incredible job connecting with teens and their families. She is more knowledgeable than most and is incredibly compassionate. Better yet, she won't pathologize normal developmental hurdles. Any family would be lucky to work with Elizabeth - especially when times are tough."

“Elizabeth’s approach is characterized by the qualities you’d want most in a therapeutic setting: acute sensitivity to the complexities of growing up, patience, and earnest engagement.  Importantly, she complements these skills with fundamental decency and kindness that sets children at ease and encourages them to positively and constructively re-frame their experiences – all with a style that is authentically friendly and caring. She is an absolute treasure and trusted resource when families need it most.”

"The Prime for Life program is wonderful and the sessions seemed to fly by. Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. And when she didn't know something, she went out of her way to find answers for our questions."

“I found great value in being able to synthesize my thoughts and put an action plan together to achieve my goals. It was very helpful to be able to talk things out and come away with steps to act on my plans. Elizabeth asked great questions that helped me find answers and set me up on the right path to reach my goals.”

"Elizabeth has cracked the code on getting my sons to open up to her. They look forward to talking with her, receiving practical advice about confronting social stress, peer pressure, and whatever they’re worried about as teenagers. I enjoy chatting with Elizabeth and getting coaching about how I can be a better Mom. She is supportive and kind; always has a clever idea for a tricky situation."

"Elizabeth has truly saved our family and provided a strong coach, confidant and advocate for one of our children struggling with adolescence. She has been meeting with us for 3 yrs to keep us each on track dealing with making good choices, peer pressure, potential addictions and prioritizing life to see the big picture. Elizabeth is always calm, professional and has coached us through difficult decisions as parents as we've dealt with challenging situations. We will be forever grateful for her guidance and support over the years!"

"I think Prime for Life is great. I will definitely be more conscious of the low risk drinking guidelines because I want to protect the things I value." 

“Elizabeth was extremely helpful in explaining the differences between therapy and coaching. She encouraged me to explore and unpack the feelings I had surrounding and tied up around my goals. Being able to verbalize these feelings was a big step and clarified some things for me that I would not have considered otherwise. Elizabeth does an excellent job of establishing rapport - she is nonjudgmental and extremely patient. These skills serve her well as a coach.” 

“Listening is a skill set and a strong one for Elizabeth. She listens without interrupting, then asks great questions to help clarify obstacles to your goals.”