Elizabeth Didlake, MA, CLC

(972) 345-2316

Mental Health Coaching

Life coaching is the practice of partnering with clients to help them clarify their goals and create actions and habits to achieve them. My work focuses on supporting children, teens, adults and families in developing coping skills to navigate nearly any life stressor.

Conflict Coaching

Anyone experiencing conflict in their relationships can benefit from being coached through considering options to manage and resolve the issue. I specialize in supporting clients of all ages who are navigating conflicts due to: 

  • Parent-child/teen issues
  • Friendship/social issues
  • Workplace issues
  • Substance use issues
  • Separation and divorce

Risk Reduction Program

Prime for Life® is an evidenced-based motivational prevention, intervention and pre-treatment program for adolescents and adults who are making high-risk choices with drugs and alcohol. It is designed to change drinking and drug use patterns by altering beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, and motivations. The class for adolescents has an accompanying parent component

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens

This class is specifically designed for adolescents and modeled after Jon Kabat Zinn's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. My MBSR-T class has been demonstrated through research to be an effective intervention to reduce adolescent stress and the physical and psychological symptoms that result (e.g. anxiety, depression, anger, sleep difficulties). 

Speakers Bureau

I am available to present to small and large groups on a variety of topics such as:

  • Navigating Tough Conversations
  • Identifying Conflict Styles
  • Practical Tips for Coaching Kids Through Conflict
  • Setting Limits with Teens
  • Influencing Teen Choices
  • Easing Stress for Children When Bad Things Happen